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С уважением,
Дудышев В.Д.
Научный руководитель КБ Нитрон, к.т.н., академик Самарского отделения РАМТН, член-корреспондент Самарского отделения Российской Экологической Академии (экология).
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Autobiography | Печать |
Dudyshev Valery D., Russian, born 5 July, 1948. Place of birth
 – Russia, Samara(former Kuibyshev).
My photos from the very beginning:
The main point from my life of scientist – inventor – teacher:

  • July 5, 1948 – was born
  • 1963 – finished musician school, accordion
  • 1966 – finished with gold medal secondary school #144 in Kuibyshev
  • 1971 – graduated as an excellent student from Kuibyshev Polytechnical Institute, electro technical department, specialization “Automatical electric gear”
  • 1975-1977 – postgraduate, specialization “Electric machines”
  • 1978 – defense of the thesis in Leningrad, LIAP. Became a candidate of science, theme of candidate work “Autonomous systems of electric supply of special purpose objects”
  • 1980 – became a reader of electro technology
  • 1988 – defense of the thesis, the same theme of doctor’s work “Autonomous systems of electric supply of special purpose objects”, private scientific Council of Scientists Academy of Soviet Union
  • 1984-1990 – researched and developed alternative directions in energetics, for instance, in aviation and space technologies
  • 1986 – received the diplomas of license specialist and specialist in setting of inventor tusks
  • 1994-2000 – provided different scientific works on ecologic themes, for instance, in improving of ecology of burning processes, ecology of auto-transport, especially as the head of some regional ecological programs
  • 1998 – was elected as academician of Russian Ecological Academy (Samara branch of REA)
  • 2004 – was elected was elected as academician of Russian Academy of Medical-Technology scientists (Samara branch of  RAMTS)
  • From 1971 till to 2008 – worked in Samara Polytechnical Institute, and then became a pensioner
  • From 2008 as usually I am busy of creative work in the field of science and technology and public sphere

From 15.07.2009 my name was put in the International Encyclopedia “Who is who is Russia”. So it contents my autobiography and main achievements in science and technology. I have a lot of contacts with scientists and specialists for about 40 countries.
My main works and patents:


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